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About Us

About us


Mack’s Glass was simply started as way to help my seven year old daughter heal. Our beloved bulldog Mack passed away without much warning.  I explained cremation as his body would be put in a machine which releases all his energy into the universe and we would be left with his ashes. My daughter Lauren chose cremation instead of a burial saying “Mack didn’t like to be left in the backyard without us; he always stayed close to us.” 

I had been crafting glass for several years in our home glass studio. Lauren would find comfort wearing necklaces we made. She believed when she kissed her necklace it would send her love through to my necklace. It took me several months and hundreds of tries but I was able to come up with a pendant necklace I am proud to stand behind. Now Lauren sends her love to Mack. 

Lauren continues to wear her Mack’s Glass necklace to this day. It brings her comfort and peace, knowing a bit of him is always close to her heart. I hope your piece of jewelry symbolizing your loved one brings as much peace of mind as it did to my daughter and me. 


Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. We will be by your side while you choose color combinations and settings, offering multiple examples to aid in the decision-making process. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the final product, therefore we have as many in-depth conversations as necessary to achieve optimal results. The time we spend talking often creates a sense of friendship and bonding.  This is what makes Mack's Glass so special!

Our Promise

We promise to treat our customers with honesty and respect. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and hope that our clients feel the same pride when wearing, carrying, or displaying the beautiful piece that commemorates their loved one.

We hope you will be a part of our family for many years to come.

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